God Moments...
     Did you know that God is in every moment, and that every moment of our lives reveals a great truth? Why? Because God created all things, owns all things, controls all things, and sustains all things. We can't take credit for anything. He gets all the glory, and the golden nuggets of His truth are all around us waiting to be mined. Unfortunately we miss most of them because we are too self involved with the pettiness of this life to recognize them; and even if we did recognize them, we wouldn't have the time or the space to record them all.
     John wrote, “Jesus did many other things as well. If every one of them were written down, I suppose that even the whole world would not have room for the books that would be written,” (John 21:25).
     My hope for you is that you will increasingly look for God everywhere and in every situation; that you will listen for His voice, talk with Him as you would a friend, and begin to think from His point of view.  Then you’ll be more aware of God’s hand on every aspect of your life; and you’ll have an intimate knowledge of who God is and the amazing ways He works in your life.
May God bless YOU exceedingly and abundantly beyond all you could ever hope for or imagine!

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The photos are from our 4-hour event: 30 minutes of praise and worship, an hour to enjoy the brunch, and 2 one hour interactive sessions with built in breaks.

From a "God Moments" participant:

I haven't the words to express my true feelings, or emotions, for the gathering today. I have never attended a fellowship as moving as today's ladies day workshop. It was informative, thought provoking, and spiritually awakening. You have a God-given talent to express yourself and get the attention as well as the interaction of everyone. For all of this, I thank you.                                                                        ~ Judy M.

I enjoyed the fellowship and your sharing the moments imprinted by times of interaction with God and His Holy Spirit. Warm Spirit filled songs, loved it! Wonderful example of God’s approval of your reaching a little deeper in “His Love.”

~ Georgie L.

Sharing with each other was so awesome, so amazing how our table’s stories seemed intertwined. I came expecting a blessing. I'm leaving with an overflowing soul and an eagerness to do this again. I feel we are newly connected as sisters here. ~ Judy W.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Today from beginning to end has been very humbling and rewarding. God bless you!

~ Debbie C.

Truly enjoyed the whole day! Especially loved hearing your God moments. ~ Cathy W.

Such a blessing! Sharing, encouraging, being filled with the Holy Spirit. Loved the Scriptures, God moments, and challenging us to open up. ~ Jeannie B.

This has been a truly blessed day. You have done a wonderful job of organizing and hosting this event. It has been a great day to fellowship with my sisters in Christ. Thank you! ~ Kristi F.


A Gathering of the Chicks

I’m so thankful for having a friend who loves me enough to have invited me today. ~ Shelby L.

Have been strengthened in faith, determination to serve more willingly. ~ Joyce N.

Today’s experience was truly a blessing. As a young teen, it really changed my Godly view in a good way. I would come back to this every time we had it and leave with a fresher perspective each time. ~ Kayla C., age 13

God is SOOO good! Mrs. Linda is a rockin’ Chick! Good job! ~ Tracie B.