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     Today, I stay busy supporting “Food for Thought,” a program I founded to provide weekly groceries for the families of backpack kids in our neighborhood elementary school. And, I continue to write, play golf, fly fish, play with my dogs, work in my gardens, and enjoy God’s presence in the process. 

The Writer...

      In the fourth grade when I first learned those squiggly lines of cursive actually meant something, I knew I wanted to be a writer. Naturally, I got busy deciphering the cursive code and writing my first novel. Sadly, that story is lost in time.

     In the fifth grade, Miss Mae Shelton at Washington Elementary School in Kingsport, Tennessee asked my class, “Who has a vocabulary?” I sat stunned that I didn’t even know what a vocabulary was, so I slowly turned around to see if any hands went up. None. Whew! I wasn’t alone. From that moment on, I wanted a vocabulary, whatever it was, of my very own.

     Years later, after a B.S. from Tennessee Tech, an M.A.T. from Winthrop University in South Carolina, plus 15 post-master’s hours, and a Professional Rating from the Professional Tennis Registry, I became a tennis analyst and writer for a professional tennis journal and other tennis magazines. From there, God placed a series of people in my life to lead me from serving on the tennis court to service in The King’s court. Since then my faith-based articles have appeared in HomeLife Magazine, Guideposts' The Best Angel Stories, The Intercessor, and my blog, Light’s On. My first book, Happy Tails, was published by Thomas Nelson in 2008.

Nationally syndicated radio host, Janet Parshall, endorsed my current book, The Road to Glory: Walking Mama Home, now being promoted nation-wide.